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Welcome to Alleycat Entertainment!

You have just reached the biggest, most comprehensive, Cape Town Based Entertainment Website in South Africa. Catering to more than 250 functions a year, you simply can’t go wrong…

Not only do we cater for Mobile Events, but here you will also find Foam Machines, PA & Lighting Rentals, Staging and Concert Rigs.

Our Most Requested Packages:

As you probably realized, Alleycat entertainment is one of the leading Entertainment Authorities in South Africa. Because equipment needed for a specific function vary according to the standards set by both the organizers as well as the venue itself, we only list the basic and most frequently asked for set-ups on this page.

Please note that we charge a consultation fee of R200 per hour or any part thereof should you require a “Site-meeting” , On-site consultation or a meeting for any function such as a wedding etc. Our website is designed not only to answer all your questions online but we will also forward you all necessary questionnaires regarding your function, which you may complete in your own time.

Should you however not find what you were looking for, or have any questions or related requests whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Discos & DJ Solutions

Pricing and Packages:

Why are we cheaper than most other companies??...

The reason why we are cheaper than other companies you may ask??… Its simple… unlike other fly-by-night companies, we do this for a living and not just for an extra income over weekends… we do more than 250 functions or rentals a year, making us one of the busiest and most reputable companies around. Unlike other companies using Laptop-DJ’s, we are Professionals in what we do and reading the crowd instead of simply setting up play-lists on a computer.

Also, unlike other companies, we own all our own equipment, and we do not need to outsource anything… therefore offering you a professional service for less… remember, our prices include wireless microphones, lighting and even a smoke machine…

We have 3 different packages available, all of which offer the same industry standard equipment:

  • 1 x Professional DJ for your function
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ CD Players
  • 1 x Pioneer Mixer
  • 1 x Pioneer EFX 500 Sound Generator
  • 1 x DBX Speaker management sysytem, including compressor-limiter and cross-over
  • 2 x Profesional Compression Driver Speakers (with build in cross-overs)
  • 1 x Professional industry standard amplifier (950 Watts RMS)
  • 1 x Smoke machine
  • 4 x Intelligent lighting units
  • 1 x Lighting stand
  • 1 x Shure SM 58 Cordless microphone
  • 1 x Shure corded microphone (Back-up)
  • 1 x Michrophone Stand

This is sufficient to fill a school hall with crystal clear sound.

We can also supply the following from our storage facility(Prices on request):

  • Bubble machines
  • Snow machines (Wet)
  • 3D Full Colour Lasers
  • Projectors
  • Rear & Front Screen Projection
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Ceremony/Corporate/presentation PA/Sound
  • Any equipment to live performances such as snakes, DI Boxes, DMX Lighting, Contollers, DMX Splitters, Mixers etc
  • Moving Heads
  • Fairy Lights
  • Many many more - We own all our equipment - why deal with a middle man?


Dusk till dawn…

(Unlimited hours as per date of booking)

Dusk till dawn… ( Unlimited hours) (STD Package as above incl. DJ)

R 4500-00

6-Hour session…

6-hour session… (STD Package as above incl. DJ)

R 3500-00

3 Hour satisfaction …

3 hour satisfaction … (STD Package as above incl. DJ)

R 3000-00




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Foam Machines

We are the biggest company around when it comes to foam machines and foam parties… we have 2 Small Overhead Machines, 14 Big Overhead Machines and 6 Cannons. We offer foam parties all year round, and even do tours and travel across South Africa and to neighboring countries….

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are the only company in South Africa that build and manufacture our own foam machines - We do not sell our patent!! If you would like to know how to build a foam machine, please do not attempt to contact us and embarrass yourself by asking us such questions. We are professionals in this trade and it took us years of experimenting with different machines in order to perfect our foam machines. This is also the reason why we can boast with a record as hosting some of the biggest indoor and outdoor foam parties around South Africa and even neighboring countries.

PLEASE NOTE: We are also the sole importer of PROPER foam concentrate as approved internationally. If you make use of any other company besides us, please do yourself and your guests a huge favor and ask the company offering the service to provide you with a Health and Safety Certificate with regards to the Foam Concentrate that they use. Using the wrong concentrate in foam machines may result in Skin Irritation, Eye Irritation, Contact Lense Problems and even Rashes, Staining/fading of Clothing or Permanent Damage to Paint, Floors, Tiles or other Décor with which the foam can come into contact with.

Our machines come with all the necessary stands, pumps, hoses, Operator and accessories. We do not however supply containment areas or foam pits, or floor sheeting, as we find that the repair cost of such devices is not worth it. We suggest that you have your Foam party either outside, or on tiles/cement but preferably not on wooden floors. All we need from you is a power point and a nearby tap. All containment areas are for the client's expense. We make the mess, but don't clean up...

This is exactly why we are the Number One Foam Company in South Africa, hosting foam parties at all the major clubs!!

Prices :

Small Overhead Machines:

We generally only use these machines for children’s birthday parties, in most cases inside jumping castles or small courtyards to create great foam fun for toddlers. These machines spray only about 2,5 meters and the machine comes with Stand and Operator.

Machine: R1100-00

Every 5 Liters of concentrate: R350-00

5 liters of concentrate will last a machine about 45/60 minutes of continuous foam.

The foam does not build up high at all and is completely safe for toddlers.

Big Overhead Machines:

Machine including 25 Liters of concentrate or to be used for the duration of 6 hours, whichever expires first: R2700-00 (Incl. Stand & Operator)

Thereafter we will charge a basic cost of R350-00 per hour.

This machine is the type you normally will find in a club hosting a foam party. We normally use this machine for foam parties at Night Clubs or "Garage Parties" for kids and it will cover a floor area equivalent to that of a double garage plus a bit more… the depth of the foam depends on the containment area (as supplied by the client), the water quality, the number of entrances/exits to the containment area and the number of people that will be entering and exiting the containment area, carrying the foam with them, but can build to just above knee height.

To give you and idea of the production volume of this machine:

If you have a drum that's one square meter it will fill the drum within 12 seconds.

Cost include Stand and Operator

The Canon (Overflow Machines) (Suitable for outside events or big areas):

These are the “Big Guns” and will fill half a tennis court up to your knees in foam in about 10 minutes, and builds up foam up to your waist!!

Because this machine is really thirsty when it comes to using foam concentrate, we normally prefer to use more than one of our big overhead machines instead of this one, but in some cases the Overflow Machine is the only solution. If you want a REAL foam party and want to be the "Talk of the Town" then this one is for you!!

Cost of this machine: R4700-00 incl 1500 L of mixed concentrate. (Incl. Stand & Operator)

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These are the packages most frequently requested by customers. Should you need assistance with any other enquiry or product mentioned on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that all prices quoted exclude travelling/delivery fees.