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Welcome to Alleycat Entertainment!

You have just reached the biggest, most comprehensive, Cape Town Based Entertainment Website in South Africa. Catering to more than 250 functions a year, you simply can’t go wrong…

Not only do we cater for Mobile Events, but here you will also find Foam Machines, PA & Lighting Rentals, Staging and Concert Rigs.

Alleycat Entertainment offers an array of services:

Mobile Discos

We offer DJ’s, Sound and Lighting for mobile disco’s, wedding receptions, birthday parties or any other gathering you might want to celebrate. Alleycat Entertainment proud itself by delivering quality sound, lighting, music and service.

We have a saying that came with us throughout the 17 years we’ve been in business… You Say It,We Play It!!

Mobile discos are our “bread and butter”. Alleycat has a professional image when it comes to catering for a mobile event. Our DJ’s are dressed to impress, our set-ups are neat and we don’t take a day to get the system going. All our equipment is plug-and-play-ready, and we only deal in the best brands.

With a music library of more than 73 000 songs we are sure that we should have the type of music you would like to hear on your special day. Remember, we originally specialized in weddings when we started, so yes, we do have “Boere-musiek”, “Lang-arm”, Country, the Golden 60’s, 70, 80 and everything in-between. Sony BMG as well as Sheer Dance sponsor Alleycat Entertainment’s sister-company, Nightguide, South Africa’s leading Dance Label. This means that we are always up-to-date with the newest, freshest party-music around.

We can cater for any event, big or small. We don’t over-charge and never had a complaint, other than people asking us to keep playing because they don’t want us to stop!!

Comedians, Celebrities and more…

Alleycat Entertainment deal with some of South Africa’s best talent, including some great comedians such as Collin Moss, Mark Palmer, Dave Newton, Clinton Dunn, Paul Snodgrass, Stuart Tailor and even Stuart Lightbody, the South African Champion for Slight-Of-Hand Magic. These are but to name a few…

We also do bookings for most of the major Radio Stations including 5FK and KFM. DJ's such as Sam Roy, Gareth Cliff, Roger Goode, Barney Simon and Eric M are in our phonebooks.

Not only can we book them for your event, but we can also do the sound, music, stage, lighting and all the other bells and whistles that come with it.

Sound and Lighting Rentals

Alleycat Entertainment can cater for any event. Would it be a wedding, house party or a concert in a stadium? We cater for Trance Parties, Rock Concerts, or simply the local pub trying to host a one-man band. We can do it all. Need sound or a couple of lights for your child’s birthday party? We do that too…


Ever wondered where those “Glitter-canons” come from you see on TV after the Rugby-game? Those machines that shoots the pieces of paper up in the air? Well, now you know. You too can have it at your event, in all shapes and sizes, according to your needs.

Foam Parties

We are receiving numerous enquiries and bookings for the hire of our foam machines. We predict that this summer will be a wet and foamy one by the looks of things…We are even receiving enquiries from as far as Windhoek, showing that Alleycat Entertainment surly has a great reputation when it comes to foam parties.

An operator accompanies our Foam Machines, and we only use approved foam concentrate, not the “cheap” stuff that burns your eyes. All our concentrates, including Foam Concentrate and Smoke Liquid confirms with SABS standards. Don’t be fooled… anyone that suffers from Asthma for example, could be hospitalized or even die because of companies providing cheap substitutes instead of using the correct concentrates.

Our machines come with all the necessary stands, pumps, hoses and accessories. We do not however supply containment areas, or floor sheeting, as we find that the repair cost of such devices is not worth it. We suggest that you have your Foam party either outside, or on tiles/cement but preferably not on wooden floors. All we need from you is a power point and a nearby tap.

We have three different kinds of foam machines. All are of the "over-head" kind. In other words we pump and spray a tunnel of foam on top of the people or dance floor.

Small overhead machines:
Machine range is about 3-4 meters

Big overhead Machines:
This machine is the type you normally will find in a club hosting a foam party.
To give you and idea of the production volume of this machine, imagine the following: If you have a drum that's one square meter it will fill the drum within 12 seconds.

The Cannon:

This machine will fill a tennis-court up to your knees in about 5 minutes… need we say more?

Other Services

We also cater for Sound Engineering, Overhead Projectors, Intelligent Lighting, DJ Training Courses, Concert Sound and Setups, Concert Engineering, Staging and Boardwalks, Commercial Events, Installations and maintenance, Specialized events and fundraisings as well as Promotional events.

We are the biggest in the game, and should you not find what you where looking for, try us anyway!! Our list of services are endless!!