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Welcome to Alleycat Entertainment!

You have just reached the biggest, most comprehensive, Cape Town Based Entertainment Website in South Africa. Catering to more than 250 functions a year, you simply can’t go wrong…

Not only do we cater for Mobile Events, but here you will also find Foam Machines, PA & Lighting Rentals, Staging and Concert Rigs.

Congratulations!! You just reached the most comprehensive entertainment website in South Africa. Alleycat Entertainment, being a sister-company of Nightguide, can offer you almost anything Entertainment related.

Attending more than 250 functions, call-outs, weddings, rentals and concerts a year should say enough!! Being in the entertainment trade for 16 years is no joke, and we still deliver that same great service.

Foam Parties... we are the biggest supplier of foam machines in the Western Cape, and service most of the clubs, pubs and venues around...

Based in Cape Town, we travel across South Africa and even visit neighboring countries to deliver the best service and parties imaginable.

How many times did you go to a function, party or wedding, where amateurs, or low-budget equipment malfunctioning or even distorting sound spoiled the whole evening?

Planning is everything, and using a professional company like Alleycat Entertainment leaves you with one thing less to worry about…

Alleycat Entertainment is the Cape Town and South African authority when it comes to delivering music, décor, sound, lighting and anything else you might need to make your party or event the most memorable one for years to come.

Would you be looking for a sound system to hire, a DJ for a wedding, twenty-first birthday party, corporate event or a simple get-together, you just found the one website that can help you with all that. We even have 14 foam machines in our arsenal of equipment. So yes, you can even rent a foam machine from us!!

We even sub-contract to other companies, simply because they don’t have the equipment and manpower to handle what we are used to doing on a day-to-day basis. Why pay more when you can deal directly with us, THE BIG BOYS!!