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Hints and Tips when using a Microphone

People generally see a microphone as a tool to hide behind, or as an absolute necessity to make their speech a success. Should the speech be a disaster, it is normally the microphone’s fault, or the fault of “that sound guy”.

The truth is that a microphone is one of the most valuable tools to have in order to accomplish a flaunt-less speech, if used correctly.

This article will help you to make the most out of using a microphone.

Switching a microphone on and off.

Holding the microphone.

General Rules and Reminders:

On the funnier side:

Here is one reason why you should always switch a microphone off when everyone finished his or her speech.

We did a wedding function in 2001. The Master of ceremonies did his duty, and welcomed everyone. The speeches and other formalities went like clockwork, and every time someone finished what they had to say, the master of ceremonies would take the microphone back from them. Having no other place to put the microphone, he casually stuck it into his back trouser pocket every time.

Well, all the guests settled down and waited for their first course to be served, soft background music playing and photographers taking the odd picture every now and then, when suddenly, over the sound system came this very satisfied voice telling another guy how long he had to hold himself in before he could get a chance to go to the “loo”. And what’s more, he even declared to his fellow “water-bearer” how nice this “relief” was after having such a stressful evening of preparing his speech.

With a “Lets go find us a drink!!” and the unmistakable sound of zips being pulled up, they walked out of the bathrooms, only to be greeted with a applause from everyone attending the wedding…

Moral of the story…

Switch off the microphone when going to the loo, specially when it is a cordless one… and… Don’t pull up your zip tooooo loud!!