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Welcome to Alleycat Entertainment!

You have just reached the biggest, most comprehensive, Cape Town Based Entertainment Website in South Africa. Catering to more than 250 functions a year, you simply can’t go wrong…

Not only do we cater for Mobile Events, but here you will also find Foam Machines, PA & Lighting Rentals, Staging and Concert Rigs.

The idea behind the Company and where it all started...

Alleycat Entertainment was established some 17 years ago, catering for weddings, twenty-first birthday parties, small corporate events and friends.

Playing music started at a very early age for the founder/owner of Alleycat Entertainment and it’s sister company, Nightguide, Carl Fuchs. He played his Mom’s “Springbok Hit Parade” Vinyls ever since he could reach the decks.

Alleycat Entertainment is a registered company. We are classed and fall under the South African Music and Film Industry Act. Unlike other “Fly-by-night” –DJ companies we do business on paper. We quote, invoice and correspond via the internet, thus leaving you with proof of where you as valued client and us as service provider stand with regards to all arrangements and agreements. Alleycat Entertainment has a fleet of two pick-ups (bakkies), and a mini-bus.

Alleycat Entertainment, like most businesses, started out small, operating from a small back-yard room while the owner was attending school in Johannesburg. Steadily building our clientele and constantly adding new equipment, the storage facilities soon grew into a warehouse, where space soon also became a luxury.

Alleycat Entertainment started off doing mostly weddings, and still specializes in wedding functions today, but also expanded into bigger markets, such as:

  • Sound Engineering
  • DJ Training Courses
  • Concert Sound and Setups
  • Concert Engineering
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Foam Parties
  • Staging and Boardwalks
  • Comedy shows
  • Commercial Events
  • Installations and maintenance
  • Specialized events and fundraisings
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Party Lighting
  • Projectors
  • Sky-Rose Searchlights

Foam Party... Just the way we like it... All foamy and wet...

Alleycat Entertainment now travel across South Africa and deliver their expert services throughout South Africa. If you attend a wedding, Christmas party, fundraising event, birthday party or visit a club you sure came across one of our DJ’s.

We have a selected list of DJ’s, all handpicked by the owner himself to cater for your every need. Would you be hosting a barn dance, in need of some seriously good Afrikaans music or host a gala evening with the rich and famous, we can help you. The owner himself also plays an active role in not only getting his hands dirty but also still to this day play at functions.

The mobile disco industry is one of the toughest jobs to take on, as you need to please everybody attending any given function. After 17 years and attending to more than 250 functions and call-outs a year, we sure know just how to do that. We have a qualified electrician employed with us, guaranteeing professional, legal installations. All our staff members are trained in the legal aspects of setting up sound, lighting, staging and trussing.

Alleycat Entertainment has a strict confidentiality policy. We cater for functions held for South Africa’s rich and famous, the glamorous parties you always read about in the last few pages of a magazine. We cater for some of the biggest financial institutions in South Africa, to name but a few. We don’t believe in boasting about it, we simply just do it!!